LinkedIn - publishing to boost reputation as thought leaders

Exhibit 17.1   By sharing their thoughts on LinkedIn, members can boost their reputation as thought leaders in their field of expertise.


A social networking platform that is business and employment-oriented, LinkedIn is the largest global community of business professionals. It is a unique and powerful marketing platform, especially for business marketers.

Considering that LinkedIn is a network of professionals, one of the most effective ways of expanding your reach is through publishing noteworthy posts or articles. By sharing thoughts on LinkedIn (Exhibit 17.1), members can boost their reputation as thought leaders in their field of expertise.

Focussing mainly on the use of LinkedIn for digital marketing, this chapter covers details of organic reach and paid advertising on the network, and the advertising options and formats.


Exhibit 17.2   LinkedIn’s 740 million members are spread across the globe (2020).

With 740 million members spread across the globe (Exhibit 17.2), and over 55 million listed companies (source: LinkedIn, 2020), LinkedIn is ideal for networking with professionals, and for advertising to business markets.

A substantial proportion of members are classified as decision-makers, and many are considered opinion leaders.

One in four millennials, a key demographic, use LinkedIn, and about 13% of these relatively young members are in decision-making positions.

40 million individuals use the network to search for jobs each week, and about 3 are hired every minute via LinkedIn.


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